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Isabella Draper

My artist practice is very diverse and involves a variety of processes and mediums to explore my selected topics. I have previously investigated themes ranging from figure and line, to unpicking the relationship between painting and sculpture. With having such a varied multimedia practice, I have taken inspiration from a wide array of artists- such as Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas, to Jeremy Deller and Ernest Neto.

To date, I have been creating work that explores the concept of ‘value’. Which has resulted in a very confessional and sentimental avenue of exploration. My current works exploring the value include representing value through text, creating installations that exist in the form of concepts, using social media to gain primary sources of information and digitally manipulating and layering images. 

Memories of You, 2021 

A selection of works stemmed from a memorial book dedicated to my mum Louise Draper. Images of Louise have been layered with written memories provided by her friends and family as a way of celebrating the memory of her presence, while reinforcing her physical absence. Louise was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an artist, who shall be remembered for being the great woman she was.