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Jill Crowther

My work falls into three categories; Pure abstract, semi abstract (more detailed work mainly depicting flowers seedheads and nature scenes but in a contemporary stylized way) and thirdly more representational work.

I switch between the three all the time depending on whats going on around me, what is influencing me at the time and what has inspired me. Also my mood at the time and which type would suit my expression at the time.

I like to work in different media Pastels, Acrylics, oils watercolour and mixed media including inks. I enjoy experimenting not just with styles but also with media.

Abstract work is very much about experimentation I am in love with colour and I often use colours that harmonise in any one piece, as seen by the examples shown – Suns Surface and Paradise. Techniques are important too so that the piece is truly original, so I may use several techniques, for example laying on paint with a spatula and spraying with coloured inks. These tend to be produced quickly with many decisions being made at once, to produce a pulled together piece of work.

My semi abstract work is inspired by nature, my garden, lots of flowers and seedheads which are to me endlessly fascinating. Unlike the pure abstracts these works take my time as my imagination and design skills, come into play. With these works I may use several techniques, a certain style being that of repeating an image of say poppies as in ‘Welsh Poppies’ and the style can be quite graphic at times.

I have to say that it is my intention to produce a well turned out piece of work, however my main aim is to convey my design skills how I created a composition, using my imagination.


This little spring flower Anemone Blanda was planted in a tub in my garden last spring. I was inspired to capture this flower in a spontaneous way with influences from Matisse. Having experimented with various sketches, this finished piece was actually produced in about half an hour

Above Left: ‘Eryngium’

I have produced other images of this beautiful beguiling flower before, this one is a combination of watercolour, acrylic inks and a little bit of silver on top. There are different types of this flower, this one was as a result of buying a bunch at the flower shop and just being transfixed by them, until the urge to paint took over.

Above Right: Bluebell Wood

Above: ‘Dragonflies’

Very graphic this one. The inspiration came from a canvas bag with dragonflies on it! I think the background is successful in conveying the atmosphere of a soupy pond and provides depth.

Above: ‘Grasslands’

Had great fun with this one. It’s mainly done in watercolour wax crayons. I wanted it to be highly stylized, but with a graceful sense of movement. The wild flowers depicted are Ragged Robin and Plantain. The design of both flowers being extracted. Then I added a few butterflies for good measure!

Above: Abstract, (No 6)

Loosely trying to convey water, cow parsley and the green of nature. An all over blue was used to start with and then the rest of the colour was applied with a palette knife thickly enough so that I could scratch in the flowers.