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Jema Mai-Roberts

Badlands Summer Camp is a hypothetical scenario which celebrates self- exploration and self-acceptance, and encourages sustainable living at a four-day event held at Sunset Valley. It has been designed and decorated to encourage fun and explore themes of ‘togetherness’ and ‘interactivity’, through large scaled, bold and bright wooden cut-outs, as well as a Riso printed zine among other smaller pieces.

The intentions behind the Summer Camp are to make people happy, to encourage engagement and to inspire them in a fun, safe environment. The wood pieces have been designed in a way that brightens up the environment they are placed in, and hopefully makes people smile.

In terms of sustainability, the pieces have mostly been made from reclaimed wood and paints, the mirror pieces use second hand mirrors found locally in Hereford, and the zine and other printing has been done on campus to reduce air miles.