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Loren Roadknight

My work explores early childhood, the concept of single children creating their own fun using their imagination and touches upon how family households are not all the same. This is done through an animation, which is a continuation of a previous project based around a silent book of the same name.

The initial idea was to create a book that appealed to younger audiences, which depicted a small girl left in the care of her grandmother, who is too old to play with her. She then gets lost in a snow storm while going out to play by herself and a friendly snow dragon helps her. In return the little girl teaches the dragon how to play and eventually wanders away back home with the dragon. As they give each other a parting hug, the dragon morphs into a snowman shaped like a dragon so it is left uncertain whether she made this creature up or not. This promotes the idea that not all children have the same experiences growing up and in some cases their imagination plays a bigger part in how they learn and grow. The inspiration for this was primarily from Winnie the Pooh for the imaginary friends that go on adventures with the child. And the scenery for this project was inspired by the short film, The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.