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Olaf Rodwell

I make purposeful objects for living. Structure and connection are core principals of my work, with the built environment being a primary source of inspiration.  

I enjoy forging for its traditional roots, the use of specialist tools and equipment, and the regular reliable complexity of the materials’ behaviours.  I allow this last to guide most of my making process, finding ways to exemplify the plasticity of steel in a considered way is at the forefront of my practice.  

I make to satisfy a curiosity. I am enamoured with the way objects are: their construction and its context; the details and nuances of purpose; as well as materials and their form in a more direct observant sense. For me this is manifested mostly as finding joy in the mundane and every day. The beauty of objects in plain sight often speaks to me of their suitability for purpose.  

These three objects, two tables and a sculpture, are experiments in structure and joinery. They represent extremes: working to a brief vs. complete freedom within a working style. They also represent a range of aesthetic approaches, expressing on the one hand the soft malleability of the material when in the blacksmith’s hands vs. the smooth hard quality of cold steel.   

Dissertation – What is good design in Contemporary Blacksmithing?