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Paul Jennings

Drawing inspiration from Pete Braspenninx’s illusionary blacksmithing techniques and the precise geometry of Kumiko woodworking, my series consists of interactive, spinning sculptures that explore numerical concepts through physical form and motion. This evolved into the creation of three “Infinity” pieces, which embody the intertwining of the symbols for 1 and 0, representing continuity and the infinite cycle of existence. Each piece spins around a central rod, inviting viewers to interact and reflect on the connections between numerical representation and visual perception. 

My work often revolves around creating pieces that seem to emerge from another world, adding an element of wonder to everyday life. Steel, my preferred material, exemplifies versatility: it is malleable when heated and can be machined into precise shapes when cold. The contrast in colors steel exhibits when tempered, along with the variety of finishes, makes it an engaging material where I enjoy experimenting with new finishes and textures that challenge even the informed eye. 

This series is typical of my approach but also unique due to the inventive ways I explored the theme with the available materials. Through this work, I aim to bridge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary art, creating a space where audiences can experience a tactile interpretation of abstract concepts. This exploration delves into the structural parallels between our artworks and our numerical framework systems, like our binary digital world composed of infinite 1s and 0s. 

Dissertation – Forging the Future: Exploring the Intersection of AI, Artistry, and Tradition in Blacksmithing and the World of Arts and Crafts