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Jameel Goosani

As an artist blacksmith growing up within Maidstone and London, I found myself naturally drawn towards the architecture that surrounded me. Brutalist architecture is a key staple in these areas, and I fixated on the rigid and straight structure. This inspired me to research the creation and history of the Brutalist movement in my dissertation, where I discerned  

a contrast between modern-day brutalism and brutalism during the post-war era, concluding it becoming a luxury product rather than the necessary architectural movement to rehome Britain.       

This contrast of luxury and brutalism inspires my current work. I chose to create this in the form of a light fixture as I believe this best represents the idea of luxury in the form of furniture. Using warm lighting and rigid steel that encapsulates the bulb, this piece embodies the transformation of the architectural movement into luxury décor. 

Dissertation – Investigating how luxury can coincide with the form of brutalism and how it contradicts early examples of brutalism