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George Markham

Combining modern and traditional blacksmithing and fabrication techniques, I create bespoke pieces that explore the world of nature through forged metal. These sculptures aim to engage the general public with the natural world in otherwise urban environments, and to bring nature into the home. The Growth of Nature series explores vines in combination with motifs inspired by the Art Nouveau movement.

Over the last six years, as an up-and-coming Artist Blacksmith, I have honed my craft, completing numerous courses and work experience placements, including a BA in artist blacksmithing. I also founded a business, Forging Ahead Blacksmithing, in 2019. My work has been on sale in a number of galleries including Bluestone Gallery, Timothy Hawkins Gallery and Earwood Station Gallery. I have also shown work at exhibitions including Cultivate 2023, Ferrous Festival 2022/2024 and Re-Interpret 2023.

Dissertation – Does the #150mm Challenge Create Community Connections?