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Gus Baldwin

Fear, fascination and questioning is what I want to arouse through being captivated by my artwork. The sharp points and hostility evoke these feelings, forcing a viewer to submit to being intrigued. Inviting to some, I use cold smooth steel in ways of bearing weight, restriction and pain.

Originally inspired through researching the Hereford Cathedral project in my 2nd year, I began my love for historical torture objects and devices. Stumbling over these same artefacts in the modern age, they were given new meaning under BDSM.

My work primarily focuses on the bespoke; flaunting historical craft and traditional joinery in a new modern age of kink. Toying with themes of power, vulnerability, submission and domination, my work can take many forms, from handheld objects, to full scale metal cages, hostile sculptures and intricate architecture

Recently steering more towards wearable restrictive objects, I find the interaction between object and person very pleasing. Many fear the thought of being trapped in the larger scale cages, but can still appreciate the beauty of the form and craftsmanship. Many laugh and play with these smaller objects, enjoying the comfortably behind the de-stigmatizing I bring forward showing my work in a public setting.

I love to create these objects as there is simply nothing like it even today. Modern equipment comes with basic fabrication and soulless design, unlike what I achieve through rich inspiration, historical backing and luxury high end artistry. I hope to fill the void in this market, bringing a new take on these objects and luxury equipment.

Dissertation – The value of forged metalwork in the BDSM market