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Jack McKenzie-Dymoke

I am an Artist Blacksmith specialising in kinetic sculpture made from forged steel and polished aluminium. Using a combination of forgework, digital design, and careful refinement I aim to give my sculptures a sense of weightlessness and tension. My work is inspired by Alexander Calder’s Mobiles, namely the emotions that the subtle, gradual movements can instil, along with their impact on the space they occupy.

I love the idea of giving movement to a typically static material. Pairing the steel with Aluminium introduces variations of colour and weight, the steel of the arms acting as a counterweight to the lighter aluminium of the discs, which give motion to the work by catching the wind.

Anatomy is inspired by the composition of a motorcycle. While some of the parts suggest specific parts of a motorcycle- the wheels, the engine, etc.- it is also meant to evoke the visual and physical experience of riding one. The composition is simple; the contrast of steel and aluminium is direct and fundamental; and the motion is meant to be appealing and relaxing. My goal is to facilitate accessibility, allowing viewers to enjoy the work as a whole, whether or not they respond to the intended inspiration.

Dissertation – An Argument for Accessibility