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Jack Campden

I am an artist blacksmith from Kilkenny, Ireland. I work with forged iron to explore meaning, culture and identity, creating objects to highlight or satisfy needs that are underserved in a world that demands more for less. These pieces narrativise micro and macro experiences of loss through the notion of missing stories – voids. Drawing on pre-Christian Celtic artefacts, the vernacular of forged metal and abstractions of intangible psychological states, I hope to question these voids and honour them.

This body of work considers the spaces that are left by missing stories, and the practices we respond with to address these voids.

Internal voids demand our direct and indirect care and attention. We respond by building stories, families, communities and experiences around and through them.

While exploring cultural and personal voids through practice led research, a binary evolved between work that happened quickly and intuitively and work developed from a design process. I refer to these as ‘spontaneous’ and ‘designed’ objects, respectively.

The Looms and the Lunulae sit on a spectrum, referencing overlapping emotional states, our responses to them and the impetus for craft in art.

Dissertation – Craft in Ritual and Ritual in Craft