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Alfred Walker

I am an artist blacksmith, woodworker and photographer. While I can turn my skillset to a wide array of materials and processes, I chose to specialize in forged steel and iron because I find the process with the forge, hammer and anvil addictive and therapeutic. I’m inspired by the creation of complex forms from basic ones; and I love functional work as it leads to interesting conundrums around form, creating essential parameters that inform the object. I use contemporary styles to create work that comments on my personal life.

My hand-forged walking sticks and crutches exemplify all of these points of inspiration. The project started after I suffered a sporting injury in February 2023, requiring ACL reconstructive surgery. On crutches for over six months, I became aware that standard issue crutches and canes have no joy or beauty to them. While my injury was temporary, I was conscious that others are confined to crutches permanently, so I started designing crutches that I would want if that were me. It has been purely an exercise of creating complexity from simplicity, pushing and pulling from a simple form to create the animal heads that adorn the handles of the objects. I have incorporated woodwork and leatherwork into some of the pieces as well, to create objects that are both functional and beautiful.