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Alex Abel

I am a Story Teller, making worlds and creatures inspired by myths and stories, and by my own inner environment. As someone who is often uncanny in my behaviour and attitudes, I often seek escape through story making. One characteristic of story that drives my making is Empathy for the Monster. Those whom others may call monsters, I do not, knowing that the ‘monster’s’ view is often misunderstood by observers. This leads me to create alien beings and otherworldly creatures, each one with its own personality: reflections of humanity in a form that is not of us; and to give them lives to which we would, ourselves, desire.  

I am also inspired by metal as a physical means of expression. I have always been connected to the art of physically creating an idea or concept, modelling with blue-tac and Lego Technic and dabbling in clay. The security and strength of metal have been a revelation; and the fact that these materials have been used for structure and cultural relics through millennia. The combination of longevity and malleability, as well as the challenge every new technique poses, inspire me to make sculptures out of metal.  

The Darklings are creatures of a natural balance, a cosmic response to misery and negativity. The universe’s entities have given Darklings their form: creatures that are nothing but kind, for they almost never have malice. What they do are simple and considerate actions. They will find your lost keys if you are looking for them; fetch a spice that is missing while you are cooking, or help hold your spoons so they don’t dirty the top; tidy up the shoes and put them where you need them to be; and find that small piece that you know you have, but just can’t find, be it a tool in a workshop or a piece of Lego in a pile. And all that is needed in return for their actions is a simple expression of gratitude, be it a pet on the head, some food, or just a thank you. 

Dissertation – The Exploration of the Uncanny