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Jo Cairns-Doran

Wanderlust fills me with the need to explore the natural world. This gives rise to organic forms and a wide range of architectural and sculptural expressions. Natural forms, exploration and alchemy have become the foundation to create and develop my world. 

I have focused primarily on sculptural ideas, taking influence from Eduardo Chillida and Gaston Bachelard, investigating our relationship with space. This has led to a desire to use sculptural forms and architectural formats to create unique pieces of functional and decorative ironwork.  

Journey before Destination, is intended as an installation project to be presented on hilltop iron age forts, this triptych is designed to encourage physical and mental health through spending time outside in nature, looking for space and time to find new perspectives to view life and the world. Each frame has been designed around the form of a Windrose (geometrical shape of a compass) with a central focal point, with which the viewer can frame the landscape, creating a new view, physically and metaphorically, of the world around them.  

Gure Aitaren Extea (1987) by Chillida, played a huge role in the development of these designs, along with the texture of weather worn stones and the use of navigational tools. 

Dissertation – PLACE / ART / EXPERIENCE