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Amy Pick

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a main passion for website UI/UX design, but I also enjoy creating illustrations and motion graphics, often incorporating these into my web designs to make them fun and unique.

My self-initiated project was based on my passion for watching Malvern RFC. As they are a small, local club I felt as though the team wasn’t appreciated enough and wanted to highlight the player’s commitment to the team and their support for each other. I started by redesigning their website using Adobe XD to enhance the functionality and give it a more cohesive visual language. Through this project I have learnt to prioritise the function and ease of navigation of website design, putting the user experience first in order to make the site accessible.

The success of the website inspired me to design a poster for their recent promotion and a collection of player cards to appreciate the individuality of the players and their abilities which resulted in an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

My work has developed over time by incorporating more visual metaphors to enhance storytelling and meaning, particularly in my some of my other advertising campaign projects, combining two elements to directly link them together.