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Madeline Craft

Hi, I’m Madeline and I specialise in editorial and print design. I take pride in using captivating content, paying close attention to detail and conveying unique visual communication that represents my dedication to produce the best work I can.

Using a range of typographic, photographic and illustrative elements, I have designed several pieces I am proud to present that showcase my creative and technical skills and my ability to curate effective and aesthetic visual narratives. All of which I have enjoyed developing over the last three years. These include: a cookbook that demonstrates my interest in musical theatre, a leaflet created for an independent local business I adore, ‘Mamma Mia!’ inspired DVD packaging designed for fans, like me, to share with my audience, and a travel magazine representing my own travel experiences and zest for life.

I am very grateful for my time and the overall support I have received throughout my degree course, and I look forward to taking my learning experiences to the next level along-side my newfound confidence and applying them further in my career.