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Dan Wilkes

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a graphic designer with a deep love for typography and layout design. My specialty lies in creating designs for print, which is something I’m truly passionate about. Whether it’s a brochure, a poster, or any other print material, I dive into each project with enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail.

Typography and layout design are not just technical aspects for me but act as a form of art and expression. I enjoy experimenting with different typefaces, spacing, and alignment to create visually appealing and effective designs. To see a design come to life on paper and become a physical item for you to hold or view really encourages me to design pieces that stand out.

Throughout my journey as a designer there have been great influences in my work mainly from other designers such as Barbara Kruger and Chris Ashworth due to their use of typography as not only words on a page but as a design extension. My work has also been influenced by the International Typographic Style or Swiss design which stemmed from my research for my dissertation.

Dissertation – How Helvetica and Futura helped to pave the way of modern graphic design