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Catherine Hendron

Galaxy Getaway is a travel agency which I created, it has a 50s theme, the travel agents itself is set around the theme of traveling to planets as a holiday destination. I have created an app which allows you to view individual planets and what they have to offer as a holiday destination, it also gives you booking lines for each planet as well as information for enquires and other ways to book your holiday. I have also created advertisements such as billboards and adshels, as well as postcards for each planet.

Album covers for the band Arcade fire. For the design I used a laser cutter to create the shapes as well as a repeat pattern of their logo, reflected the cut outs on to the objects to create a kaleidoscope effect. Overall, the design was inspired by Arcade Fire’s stage presence.

The cookbooks premise was centred around a barbie doll as a model. The recipes themselves had a sweet connection running through it, this allowed the use of bright colours and the doll model to be used to its full potential.