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Swency Marques

Hi, my name is Swency, and I am a graphic designer with Indian heritage specializing in printed goods like packaging. My work is inspired by music, nature, my culture, and the world around me. I express myself through my designs, finding my voice and sharing my ideas.

One of my final pieces is a bottle packaging design for the spirit Feni, which holds special meaning to me as my grandfather used to make it in India. He loved caring for plants, and his garden was my escape from the madness of the outside world. I wanted his garden to live on in my design.

I also designed a music set based on the album “Bewitched” by one of my favorite musicians, Laufey. The song ‘Lovesick’ was a significant inspiration as it evokes feelings of love within me. It brought many ideas to mind, so I used it as the base for the entire collection. You can see how love influences the colors, typography, and overall design.

The goal of my work is to impact and enrich your life in some way. I feel there isn’t enough Indian representation in the design world, and I aim to bring more of that.