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Mat Pye

Hi, I’m Mat, and I ******* love graphic design. My focuses are primarily motion and brand design, but I’ll happily jump into any project that excites me. I love diving deep into a project to truly understand how best to solve the creative challenge it poses. I am passionate about creating awesome work for clients, as I believe everyone deserves great design.

I am also driven to create work for social causes, with a special interest in men’s mental health, as I am personally aware of just how important the topic is. I take inspiration from designers like Tibor Kalman, Jessica Walsh and Paula Scher. I’m also inspired by the works of studios like Studio Dumbar, Design Studio, Pentagram, and &Walsh. In the future I hope I get the opportunity to work alongside such designers and studios. For now, I’m keeping my eye on AI, experimenting and learning about it. I’m looking forward to wherever my journey takes me, developing new skills and discovering my place within the creative world.

“To me, nothing is more vibrant than having the power to do something but not having the experience of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.” ~ Tibor Kalman