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Rhiannon Fullick

Hello! I’m Rhiannon, a branding and packaging designer, with a passion for creative typography, I believe in building impactful brand identities to create lasting impressions. With experience in multiple sectors of Graphic Design, from print, editorial, branding and marketing I can work closely with clients, maintain a keen eye for detail and can understand the importance of balancing striking designs with the intent to solve a problem.

With my three years at HCA, I have learnt to put the brief and client’s needs first. Working hard to further extend a project vision and leaving memorable impressions. Evidently, I have shown this through my Final Major Project where I have created a unique branded visual identity to encourage younger generations to turn to thrifting by designing a logo, brand slogan/ brand language, colour palette, marketing and sustainable packaging. Motivated in combining design with problem solving, I am excited to further experiment with new ideas and design impactful, ethical designs throughout my career.