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Osian Rowlands

Hello Im Osian Rowlands I’m a graphic designer with a passion for graphic arts and design. Not only am I a graphic designer I personally see myself as an illustrator, with many of my pieces consisting in both medias. This allows me to create intricate pieces of work, whether it was a print based for a website design, animation or an illustrated print, these attributes and qualities will help me personally to dive into my brief, allowing work that I’m truly happy to produce.

My love for graphic design not only allows me to create my own illustrations, but allows me to look into other industries for a position of work. By allowing myself to work in multiple fields this broadened my horizons to new opportunities to advance my skills in these departments and allows me to produce more polished and original types of graphic designs. where its in photography based imagery to my own imagery this helps me to be capable to be flexible with any brief i was given

Throughout my years as a designer there have been a great variety of influences that have allowed me to be the designer i am today, with people such as Keith Haring,they have sparked my visual language to who i am today.

I look forward to the future to see where my skill will be needed and looking forward to the opportunities given to me with the skills of being a designer.

Dissertation – How has the influence of retro & cartoon art and designs shaped The way we look at modern graphic designs today?