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Roux Jordan

As a designer specialising in editorial design and branding, I view my work as a bridge between storytelling and visual identity. The piece I’ve chosen for this showcase embodies this philosophy, reflecting my journey of exploration and growth. Initially inspired by the likes of Peter Saville and Stanley Donwood, I embarked on a creative journey to infuse my unique perspective into every element of the design process.

From conceptualization to execution, I meticulously crafted each aspect, drawing from my passion for narrative-driven design and my commitment to building authentic visual identities. This piece was a reimagining of the 1996 record ‘Long Season’ by Fishmans; I feel as though I was able to create an entirely new visual language which better reflects the aesthetic and themes of the album.

Ultimately, my purpose as an artist is to create work that resonates with others, sparks conversations, and leaves a lasting impression. This showcase represents not only a celebration of past accomplishments but also a springboard for future endeavours, where I aim to push the boundaries of design, challenge conventions, and make a positive difference in the world. Looking ahead, I’m excited to explore new mediums and collaborate with like-minded individuals to make a meaningful impact through my art.