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Cat Oakes

It was once said that Graphic Design is, above all else, about human connection. This is a sentiment that I carry with me in my practice whether I am creating a personal artwork, designing branding or anything in between.

I love to vary my practice as much as I can; I am an avid, passionate learner and relentless in my trying. Although there is often a running theme in my work, I try to make sure that every project that I create brings something new to my already existing body of work. To me, the creation of the thing is often more important than the finished result.

My love of learning and creating has been a huge driving force in my decision to pursue teacher training in Secondary Art and Design next year. I believe that art and design are some of the most beautiful and important aspects of life and something that everybody should be taught to create and engage with, and I am really excited to be able to help share that passion with the next generation.

Dissertation – Investigating the Role of Graphic Design in Shaping Consumer Attitudes Towards the Wellness Industry.