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Berna Pullen

Colour, pattern and repetitive shapes hold a lot of fascination for me. I have used them throughout my briefs, often inspired by the art of other cultures. Most of my projects have involved an element of storytelling. I love using paper in its many forms. I’ve tried various methods of manipulating it in order to present, create and decorate. I’ve embraced screen printing; stencil/collage-making; book making/binding; paper making, and metal etching and found that ‘collaging’ my thoughts and ideas alongside mind-mapping aids my creativity and helps assemble my thoughts into a direction.

Inspired by artists such as Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Picasso and Tim Walker, I empathise with their distinctive styles and creativity outlooks. They have heavily influenced me in my most recent work. In my final project, Wallpapers: Inside and out, I’ve thought about how the world can be viewed with an almost ‘Grimms’ fairy-tale perspective which can be soft, yet darkly edgy. I’ve considered – what’s being covered up in the world? Or more to the point what’s being shown up? This culminated in my ‘Burn Through’ piece which I’ve used to photograph inside and outdoors. It inspired me to photograph myself through it in ‘I see you’.

‘I see you’ reflects what then followed; creating layered patterns expressing joy and freedom in using colour to create human forms and mystical creatures. This is how I see the world and I want to anchor in physical reality for others.