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Mary Norowzian

I am drawn to materials that are ’of the earth’, such as wood, clays and metals, exploring a variety of techniques to create organic sculptural forms.

I am as fascinated by the way materials work, their properties, the technical processes and how they can be pushed and experimented with, as with the expression of meaning and message. The use of repetition whether of an object, or in surface decoration, offers the opportunity to explore over and over, the same but different, until a narrative is created. This for me offers physical expression of primal connections to universal themes of being human.

The Portfolio course at HCA offered am amazing year full of opportunity, encouragement and teaching. Most of my time was spent in the 3D and Small Metals workshops, creating curves on metal, shaping and sanding wood, using my mind and body to explore ideas and create tactile shapes.

My Body Holds the Memory an autobiographical series; explores and processes memories of trauma and grief in both figurative and abstract form. In the final sculpture of the series, a figure falling to their knees is represented using steel rebar rods, partially gilded with gold and copper leaf, utilising rain and weathering as part of the process, which will continue over time as it sits in the landscape, enduring.