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Jack Shepherd

Jack Shepherd is a fine artist from Malvern whose paintings, sculptures and film comprise of a personal nature, relating to his life, personality and interests. The art style he creates is incredibly atmospheric in tone and is derived from various stimuli including the works of David Lynch, David Firth, Dave McKean and Zsdislaw Bekzinski.

Jack uses various materials including oils, inks, texture pastes, charcoals to invoke relatable thought-provoking responses.

Jack’s inspirations include a variety of music including ambient electronica through to rock and indie artists such as Sylvan Esso, Boards of Canada and System of a down.

The work itself revolves around his feelings and thoughts towards modern social conventions and themes such as social media and the disconnect felt in a surrealistic way.

His recent work showcases his childlike, quirky, moody style  and was created in response to the recent coronavirus lockdown adding a further dimension to the work.

In addition he has recently developed a passion for Filmmaking using an evocative look. Furthermore he has developed an interest in mask making.

Following on from his Theme of Values during his portfolio course which culminated  in a piece entitled “jaksville” a town idea which he has now expanded upon by creating individual characters. He now hopes to begin to translate these into the medium of film all of which will have a strong basis within the aforementioned themes.