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Donna Rose

I love being in my garden, the colours and fractal patterns fascinate me, bright blousy dahlias and delicate roses are my particular passion. I also spend many hours walking in the Brecon Beacons, the peace, tranquillity and rugged landscape attracts me.

I have spent hours in the college textile room working with various dying processes; the bright colours of the dyes on manmade fabrics particularly excite me. I have experimented with screen printing, heat transfer printing and sublimation printing all of which give fabulous results. I have made many small test pieces and one large textile reflecting my interpretation of the Welsh mountains around my home. The colours and textures of the heathers in the foreground of the craggy, harsh Black Mountains.

I have also relished many happy hours in the 3D workshop. I have experimented with manipulating and etching metal and have made some wonderful sculptures for my garden. The large metal screens have been created using a plasma cutter then burnished with a heavy-duty drill wire wheel sander. Working with the plasma cutter is such a natural and organic process, once I slowed myself down, I realised the tool could cut through metal like butter! Inspiration for the 3 pieces that I have made come from nature, and my garden.