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Casey Jay

As a queer artist I take great pride in my identity, in all its facets and flaws. This installation is an endeavor to deconstruct myself into components, my identity, personality and passions. To capture those components in paintings, and assemble them in an installation to form a self portrait of sorts. To invite the audience in to come meet me as I see myself.

This installation is an introduction to myself. A collection of paintings which I wanted to capture the elements of my identity, personality and passions in paint and assemble the collection of works to showcase who I am. I consider the installation itself a self portrait as there is more to a person than how they appear or present, and I believe to truly begin to see or understand me, one has to see my life through my eyes; through an art lens.

Painting as a medium is immensely important to me, both in my practice and who I am as a person, as one of my primary passions and the way I am able to convey the way I see life. With each inquiry into paint I aim to discover the cause of my desire to put a brush to canvas. The subjects I explore with my brush are the topics that occupy my thoughts day and night; they are my interests and my obsessions and fundamentally part of who I am.