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Chloe Price

Loud Emotions

This series of images explores ways in which intense emotion can be portrayed through photography with the intention of provoking emotion in the viewer. I have always found photography to be the best way to tell a story, and as an artist I intend for my work to portray powerful emotions and narrative.

I find I subconsciously connect to my photography emotionally, which is why I wanted to create a body of work that others would be emotionally affected by. I tend to create my work with the mind-set of keeping it slightly enigmatic. This is because I want the viewer to relate to the work and interpret it in their own way, which can be difficult when the narrative comes across to obviously.

For this series, I wanted to create a range of images that made the viewer feel engulfed and consumed by emotion. The layering of images is a technique that I have used multiple times that always brings an aspect of intensity to the work, creating an overwhelming amount of emotion in the image.