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Ravens Design

I have a form of synaesthesia which causes me to see auras around people. Each individual’s aura is different, reflects their personality, and can change depending upon mood, situation and other factors. The auras are colourful, and often contain patterns which move within them.

In my artwork I have tried to capture a variety of different personalities and different environments, to show how auras vary and can change, by observing the auras of the people around me and trying to replicate them on canvas.

I used acrylic paint to create a natural mixing of colours and texture. I chose to represent the individuals in my paintings as silhouettes, so that the auras would be the main focus of the image, and to maintain confidentiality for the individuals painted.

I used sponges and metallic paint to create overlap, and added glycerine on top to add a shine, representing the movement in the auras I see.