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Teagen Kingsford-Smith

Within my work, I explore various themes that relate to me, my life and experiences, which are at the core of my work.

Melancholic Pressure is an instillation room dedicated to my relationship with my Melancholia or Manic Depression. I always feel overwhelmed and confined to one space whenever I have a Melancholic episode, usually a few days after having a Grand-Mal seizure.

Everything is suffocating around me but in a melting format rather than a tightening grip, and the only real escape I have is through my work, whether be physical pieces, spoken word or poetry. I have always found it difficult to express how I feel, so I use my work as my therapy. With my work, I want to make it understandable and relatable to those who also experience the same reality and emotions that I feel.

I am my own inspiration, so as I grow, learn and change so does my work. My work is like a chameleon; it’s constantly changing along with the things around it. Working with myself has helped me gather thoughts, create boundaries with myself and has helped me heal, even under a vast amount of pressure.