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Timothy Lewis

Watching Paint Dry (Act 3)

What does the creative act and the resulting creative work look like?

This piece, the final Act of 3 on the same theme, looks to resolve this question, through installation in an unusual space (sculpture, found and other archival objects); performative video and participation. Here, the viewer is invited to work collectively with the artist to find answers through real-time shared experience.

As well as time, the work encompasses ideas of creative intention and outcome; productive and non-productive labour; artist v artisan; chromophobia (fear of colour); erasure; preservation and precarity.

Through the work and a gentle presence, I look to stimulate interest, animating the space, so that it becomes vibrant and living.

Feelings of bitter-sweet and pathos pervade my work, heightening the sense of the banal, the futile and the absurd.

Curated throughout with a lighter, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek approach, the work leaves us all with much to ponder as we wait for the paint to dry.