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Elise D’Arcy

Hello I’m Elise, a graphic designer with a focus on branding and packaging design. Over the last year, I have pushed my process to allow me to expand creative outcomes across a wider industry base, from small businesses to international brands. This exhibition will showcase a selection of my recent pieces of work.

As part of this exhibition you can see three design challenges which I have carried out over the past two years. Two of these are more directed towards branding and identity, for which I created brand assets such as logos, packaging, patterns, and typefaces. I feel most passionately about this area of graphics and would like to work within as part of the industry. I enjoy the process of taking a background concept and turning it into a visual outcome that people are able to connect with in life.

The second area of my installation focuses on a more screen-based UI/UX design themed around plants. This outcome pushed both my creative and technical skills while opening my horizons to new media pieces. For the future of my professional journey, I hope to expand my knowledge of my practise and build a bold work base to take with me.