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George Alldrick

Hello, I’m George, a graphic designer with a passion for website design and editorial design. I strive to create captivating pieces of work that leave a lasting impact. With each project, I pour my creativity into crafting designs that resonate and make a real difference.

As a graphic designer, my primary focus is on crafting enduring designs that carry purpose and significance. Throughout my final years at HCA, my projects have evolved and matured, culminating in the development of my distinctive artistic style.

The process behind each project is rooted in simplicity yet fueled by thorough research. I have come to realize that comprehensive research serves as the bedrock for creating well-crafted designs. Furthermore, I firmly believe in the power of design to address and solve societal challenges, imbuing each project with meaningful value and purpose. This approach is particularly evident in my website designs, where I strive to identify pertinent issues and provide relevant solutions.

My time at HCA has been a period of substantial growth and self-discovery as a designer. Exploring various facets of design has allowed me to specialize and hone my skills in specific areas of interest.
Looking forward, my aspirations lie in the realm of website design, an area of graphic design that has captivated my attention and engagement. It is my fervent desire to delve deeper into this field and explore its vast potential in the future.