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Harry Woodhouse

Hello! I’m Harry, and I am a brand designer. At the core of my work is the ability to design bold ideas with beautiful outcomes. I am motivated by creating outstanding design work for incredible clients, and I thrive on transforming visual challenges into captivating design.

For me, graphic design is all about addressing problems and creating visual solutions. It may seem paradoxical, considering my three-years at Hereford College of Arts, but I do not perceive myself as inherently artistic. Instead, I think of myself as a problem solver, a trait that is evident in my Final Major Project (FMP). At the heart of my FMP lie visual solutions to dilemmas like how to captivate a local community with a running race, what a brand such as the recycling symbol would resemble for Net Zero, or how to set apart a personal brand in an overcrowded market/area. Challenges of this nature exhilarate me, and as a graphic designer, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to delve into similar problems throughout my future career.


Dissertation Title:  To what extent does Birra Moretti rely on ideology, cultural myths, and national stereotyping to sell their products?


‘Balcony Barter 2021’ by Birra Moretti is part of the brands ongoing advertising campaign labelled ‘Simple Pleasures’ (2022).

On viewing the advert, three connotative signs are prominent; however, there may be many more. Signs such as the setting, which is established in the opening shot, showcase buildings with smooth white stones, terracotta roofs, and shutters. The setting seems to be in a quiet old town square, a far cry from a busy metropolitan area. Consequently, this may highlight a simple lifestyle, aligning with the brand messaging of “enjoying life’s simple pleasures.” The weather is warm, and the sun is shining, which is particularly effective as, for a British audience, we associate Italy with a sunny climate. When such signs are viewed as a coherent whole, it signifies an Italian setting, hence it has connotations with Italianicity. However, it is a romanticized view of the country, tapping into the charm of Italy.


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