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Mateusz Wojciechowski

Hello, my name is Mateusz! I am a Graphic Designer. I enjoy making a range of different design solutions from branding to editorial and even web design. I am motivated by crafting bespoke and stunning designs for a range of incredible clients. I love a good challenge and finding creative answers to the
most troubling of questions.

Graphic Design is a beautiful practice. It’s a fine balance between art and creativity and problem solving, both are things I love. Whilst I am a Designer, I like to think of myself as more of an artist first, grabbing influence from the world around me and allowing the creative flow and process to communicate the emotions and context behind a brief into the world. This is evident throughout my FMP as I have completed two projects of totally different nature, both having the common factor of my passion and attention transformed into a tangible, design piece that the client loved. I just love my job!