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Tina Ellicott

I am a graphic designer who takes unusual ideas and turns them into creative ideas. When creating my work, I tend to use handmade techniques as well as old school techniques and as such my work has an illustrative feel. As a designer I care about creating work that takes a different approach to the expected and which stands out from the everyday.

When designing I like to think of how the creative problem can be solved at it’s simplest. Often digital technology can get in the way of a designs heart and stripping it back to its simplest, purest form, and then adding in all the ‘pretty bits’ after, can make for a design that fits the brief first and foremost but also looks cool too. I take inspiration from vintage graphics like letterpress typography and sign written shop signage.

I like using type to work creatively, either as a foundation from which my design can grow and evolve or using it in my designs as the main element. I am going to take my skills and qualifications gained from HCA and use them creatively in Spain, as I plan to move to Valencia in the next year. I hope to continue to experience new things creatively in my new life and meet fellow likeminded designers and creatives.