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Kory Simpson

I respect this project because it allowed me to appreciate female artists and feel more value for their work. I learnt a lot through my research as I experimented with different equipment such as using waterbrush pens, fineliners, pencils, inks, digital tools and more to further enhance looks which made creating my work really fun. I studied a few female artists as well but id like to mention Angelica Hicks because most of my line work was a fusion between my style and Hicks’.

Through my creating process I reflected in my mind that it can be hard at times and it’s a great reminder that these women pushed beyond just like Florence Nightingale and how she was one of the many women to revolutionise society while they had to overcome defying odds such as being judged by everyone else because they were doing something different. This prompted me to stick to traditional pen and paper designs rather than the popular digital kind of creating most of my generation uses. Overall it was a fun experience and I’m glad to have been able to be apart of this.