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Laura Davies

The imperfect spinning top. A continuation from my project on perfectionism that led to an appreciation of the imperfect. Attempting to achieve ‘perfection’ within a piece has been the main driving force behind a majority of my previous work, and being new to wood turning I found I was continuously setting myself challenges that had improbable outcomes an example being a perfect sphere by eye. However, these challenges have allowed me to form a deeper appreciation for the process rather than the outcome.

Crafted from a variety of wood these ‘Wobble Tops’ are designed to be a playful take on the spinning top with their unpredictable manner of moving.

I would consider my practice to be multidisciplinary, although currently woodturning has become a more prominent feature within my work. Often within my practice I enjoy including elements of play and humour, this has at times allowed me to create more surreal work. It has been important for me to create work that forms an escape into a world where things don’t quite make sense.

Dissertation – What is the value of participatory art in a gallery space?