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Grace Fox

‘Life doesn’t last. Art doesn’t last. It doesn’t matter’ 

Eva Hesse 1970 


I’m a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in materiality, form and a connection with the body.  Important themes in my practice are ephemerality, degradation and my relationship as an artist towards my own, transient works. 

My degree show piece is immersive space exploring the intrinsic properties of the material I use in my artistic practice which has been centred around the qualities and manipulation of latex. This is a natural, rubber-based material that degrades rapidly, making all my artworks inherently ephemeral. Embracing change, degradation and error is an integral part of my practice which I achieve through the act of stretching a material to its limit and learning through failure. In a way this has been an almost therapeutic investigation, opening myself up to be freer and more experimental. I am challenging the idea that an unintended or unsuccessful artwork is not a personal failure – in fact, it doesn’t matter.  

After graduating from HCA I intend to study a PGCE in Secondary Art and Design and use my passion in sharing my love of art to become a teacher.