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Geoff Hartwright

Häpi and Glüm 


The Last true Story I Shall Ever Tell 


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Truth and Lies, Good versus Evil. 

Our work embraces and illuminates the duality of humanity, through the written word, through art, and through engagement and emotion.  

We see the politics, rhetoric, advertising and propaganda that are all around us and shine our spotlight on them. 

We see the price that people pay for others’ hubris, lies and egotism. 

We take our own look at life and invite the viewer to engage with us in it. 

Is it pure chance that IF lives in the middle of life, LIE lives in believe, and OWE lives in power? 

We make simple statements that invite deliberation, interpretation and contemplation, always seeking ways to engage the viewer and using whatever medium we think will achieve that aim.  

But we also indulge in the pursuit of the representation of thoughts and emotions through monochrome and colour field artworks. 

Colours can carry different connotations in different cultures, and we embrace this fact as another example of how our differences make us human, and our humanity makes us one. 

We believe in humanity. 

We believe in compassion. 

We believe in you.