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Ian Pennell

In this project, 10 people responded to an invitation to bring and discuss an object which they keep following a bereavement and house clearance. They were encouraged to consider objects of personal significance which may be kept unseen or on display. In recorded interviews they talk about their thoughts and feelings towards the objects; the display shows the objects and abridged interview transcripts.

My practice is eclectic, taking in sculpture, drawing, film and photography, concerning various subjects including sustainability, the properties of materials and personal memory. My degree show project is a participatory exploration of the meanings of objects left behind after a bereavement and house clearance. Following presentations to local societies and advertising within the college, ten people responded to an invitation to bring and discuss a particular object of personal significance which they keep, sometimes unseen in a cupboard, or otherwise on display. The objects are shown with an abridged transcript of the participants’ recorded interviews, which reveal evocations about the past, the present and sometimes the future. One of the objects is my own. An associated short film in the tradition of slow cinema is also shown, referenced in the discussion about my object. This is intended as a scene from an imaginary longer film offering a contemplative experience of an evolving urban fringe land- and soundscape.