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Matt Lloydlangston

My work explores my relationship with my family members, specifically of my fond memories I share with my grandpa, as well as memories attached to his clock. I have always been interested in why grandfather clocks are called that, it is because of a song, so I thought I would make a literal one, which is a quirky portrait of my grandpa. In my work, I often use recycled materials, in this piece I used 3 tables, a cupboard, a bed frame all sourced from an online marketplace as-well as recycled clothes from family members, I like using recycled materials because they come with their own story from their previous use and make the finished piece unique and unpredictable by working around the limitations of the found materials. This piece is a tribute to my grandpa and how he has inspired and encouraged me on my artistic journey so far. In my future work I will continue to explore the use of reclaimed materials and let them make some of the ascetic choices for me. This piece pushed me to my creative limits and challenged me every step of the way to create a piece with amazing craftsmanship. Because of all the challenges I ran into the finished piece changed from what I had initially planned due to the problems I met, the research I did and the trips I went on.