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Liam Lacey

In a world that can seem bleak and dreary, I seek to bring a splash of colour to brighten up the viewer’s day. Colour is everything, it has the power to shape our moods, emotions, and even define our personalities. Individual people and fashion choices of different eras are portrayed using only solid blocks of colour. The myth of the artist can be revealed without even using facial features.

The theme of Pop Art culture is prevalent in my work, through iconic imagery and everyday objects. I represent these in a variety of different media; from digital and acrylics, to casting and collage. Within my process, I also conceal layered meanings of overcoming personal struggles, neurodivergence and escapism.

My latest works aim at raising an awareness for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – a rare connective tissue disorder that impacts every system in the body, and could affect up to as many as one in five thousand people. The average time it takes to get a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is between ten and twelve years, though for some people it takes decades. My hope is that this work will raise awareness of this condition and will lead to some people getting a faster diagnosis of this complex disorder.

Dissertation – The Use of Reproduction of Popular Imagery and Culture in Past and Present Art