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Lisa Bullows

The blue circle is the symbol representing Diabetes, in these works, I aimed to explore my personal experience with having Type One Diabetes, a condition which I’ve had for 16 years. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of knowledge surrounding the condition which is something I feel artworks can help with.

Currently, there are severe Insulin shortages which is a terrifying time for us, as Type One’s need to administer Insulin several times daily, so with that in mind, I feel there’s no better time to show the reality of my everyday life whilst still having a positive spin on it as I want to display my work in a truthful yet inviting way that encourages people to ask important questions.

I’m very proud of the pieces in this project as they’ve already raised so many questions from viewers, which I’m completely happy to answer and it’s touching that people seem genuinely interested to learn, as it’s not very often I get to talk about my Diabetes, partly because people aren’t sure if their questions are okay to ask

Throughout this project, I have delved deeper into sculpture, which is a new medium to, this has both surprised me and inspired me and I intend to continue experimenting with sculpture making moving forwards. Many of the materials used in these pieces are ones which I have not used in my art before, such as glass and foam, so it’s been a great learning curve and fascinating to see what these materials can be turned into.