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Liam Kirkham

“About that Tree” is a series of images that explores the serenity that nature may provide to us. Trees, in all their varying forms, lead by example; working in harmony with those physically around them. Forests are a place to get lost so that one may find something of interest.

The series “About that Tree” is a study in woodlands and what one seeks and finds within them. With the commotion of our everyday lives, times of solitude ‘sheltered’ by the dense canopies of woodlands become rare, lest may we find ourselves in the trees.  With these spaces few in number and inaccessible to many, this series also seeks to bring the serenity and personal enrichment of these spaces to people who may find trouble with the solitude of few others or themselves; alas, often associated with the “wilderness” thus we confine ourselves to the “safety” and comfort of our cities.