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Lauren Goode

I would describe my current creative practice as fine art based whilst my specialism is still life photography paired with the depiction of historical narratives, particularly those which relate to the experiences of women. The most recent project that I have created, titled So They Made a Fire, is a combination of these qualities through the exploration of the theme of witchcraft.

Inspired by elements from art history, feminism, and popular culture, So They Made a Fire is a photographic exploration of the theme of witchcraft. The body of work is a meld of the historical and the contemporary; the stereotypical and the obscure, and acts as a piece of alternative (or fictional) portraiture through the presence of a poetic narrative that reimagines local Herefordshire lore about a witch named ‘Old Charlotte’. An updated, contemporary portrayal of witchcraft is provided in contrast to the busyness of traditional depictions via the quiet and simplistic compositions of the photographic imagery.

The conclusion of So They Made a Fire has been realised in the tangible form of a photo book, which has been designed for the purpose of the divination technique of bibliomancy. Subsequently, the viewer can interact and thoughtfully engage with the work in a manner that has thematic relevance.