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Katie Arden

My work explores the relationship we have with Escapism, in particular with our hobbies, media and computer games that use alter-ego characters and personalities. Pretending to be something we are not, is easier than facing the issues and problems we encounter in our daily lives. At least with an alter-ego or a fiction character, we can fight and use magic spells to defeat monsters.

My artistic exploration delves into the realm of Escapism and our reliance on it in everyday life. We often turn to hobbies, media, and computer games to escape from our problems and assume alternate identities. Through my work, I aim to examine this phenomenon and raise questions about our relationship with escapism. I have used toy dinosaurs as my subjects, capturing them through various experimental techniques such as perspective, distortion, and abstraction. These photographs not only represent escapism, but also harken back to childhood when we used toys such as dinosaur figurines to escape into imaginary worlds. Escapism allows us to experience magic, fantasy, and wonder, aspects that are often missing from our daily lives, and encountering them in made-up worlds makes living in reality bearable.