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Ryan Harris

My final project has been about my passion for the car community. I have been exploring the car scene to showcase its essence to those who may not understand or are not a part of this community. It is also aimed at individuals who may want to join but lack knowledge about what it entails. Throughout my project, I delve into the various aspects of the scene, including the shows that define it.

Along the way, I have gained valuable insights and had a great time photographing different types of meets, ranging from organized breakfast gatherings to weekend shows and the more clandestine underground meets that occur late at night. Through my photography, I hope to have captured the essence I intended, shedding new light on the car community and demonstrating that while there may be occasional drawbacks, overall, it is a wonderful place where you can forge new friendships and share your passion for cars—a place where you can have fun and connect over a shared interest.